Husband told me I'm getting fat

I am currently 34 weeks and have gained about 10 kilos so far. I still walk and go to gym when I can and have kept myself fairly fit - but as you do when you're 8.5 months pregnant, everything starts to get a hit bloated, the preggy shuffle is in full force and I'm feeling heavy and tired. Yesterday, at the start of our long weekend away my husband joked about my double chins and told me that he'd noticed I'd gained weight - he said this non jokingly. Ladies, I am embarrassed and mortified and cannot stop crying. There is nothing I can do to prevent this normal pregnancy weight be honest I actually look pretty OK still even though it's so hard seeing those numbers on the scale climb and climb. He thinks he has done nothing wrong at all and is now in a major sulk about my reaction and how I've taken his cruel words. I honestly just needed to vent on this group where I am more anonymous as I'm too embarrassed to talk to anyone else and tell them what an insensitive arsehole of a husband I have.