Possibility of pregnancy..woops..

Rachel • I love my little family! ╮(╯3╰)╭
I gave birth to a healthy baby boy January 15, 2015 and have had a uterine infection early February, C.Diff from then till now, and a yeast infection for 3 weeks that just ended last week so no sex that entire time. We've not used contraception since we tried for our first in 2011. At the moment however with a toddler and 2 1/2 month old definitely not trying..but can't get IUD in until August due to the various illnesses and preferences of contraception only give us one option- spermicides. But..we keep forgetting! I've been tracking using glow and opks and I'm all clear then outta nowhere when my period is possibly due, I'm ovulating for the first time since the birth. We've been having sex every day this week, multiple times a day, with full insemination and no bc methods of any kind. How soon can I start testing for pregnancy? Darkest opk was today but have had both lines the same depth since Thursday. I've had 2 losses and this is what scares me most. I feel stupid for forgetting but it's too late now. *sigh*