Anxiety of another miscarriage.

Taylor • Mommy to a little boy with another little one on the way 💙
How are you mommies expecting rainbow babies coping with your anxiety?? I'm finding it so hard to cope. I can't help but want to make frequent trips to the er just to make them give me an ultrasound. And one trip a month to the doctors just isn't enough for me to feel comfortable. :( I'm considering a fetal heart doppler. But I've heard so much good and bad, I thought I would check with my doctor on my next visit. But I just can't ease my anxiety at all. :( my last miscarriage I had sex and a couple hours later I was bleeding. Now I know that its just a coincidence but I feel so bad for my bf because he's been cut off since we've found out because I'm just to nervous and scared. And the two times we have had sex it lasted five mins and I made him check everywhere for blood after. Its nuts! And on top of all this I had a dream last night that at my next appointment they're going to tell me that the baby has stopped growing. Ugh I can't do this.