Wedding problem please help


Okay so I am looking forward to being married but the idea of a wedding is just so overwhelming. I am afraid we would regret not having a wedding I feel like it supposed to be this special time we can look back on and I'm afraid people may not consider us married "for real" if there's no wedding. I don't really know, most people in my family skip getting married and just do the family thing but its really important to me that we are married and people see it that way.

So here's the concerns:

-I have serious stage fright and anxiety.

-my future mother in law hates me and is capable of doing unbelievably rude things.

-my family doesn't actually behave well at events.

-we both have very large families and the short list for the wedding would be 150 people and I have no idea how we will afford it.

-I'm going to be in full swing clinical and I rather focus on my grades then planning a wedding.