I'm over my husband.

I'm so over my husbands attitude. We have been fighting the last 2 days because I asked him not to go fishing with his friends (he's gone all night and normally doesn't walk in the house until after 6am). Only reason I said no was because I'm sick. He then told me I was lazy and alls I do is sit on my ass all day!! This is after I deep cleaned our house, went grocery shopping, took care of two kids one of which is his and not mine, and had dinner ready all with a 100* fever and I'm 28 weeks pregnant. It's safe to say he's been in the guest room the last two nights and I haven't lifted a finger other than to feed my kid and clean up her mess. It's an on going battle with him and alls he says is its not his fault what he says or does cause he has ADD. Bullshit!! I'm not doing anything other than taking care of my daughter. Oo and I'm a full time nursing student that he thinks doesn't compare to his job! I'm over him