Mom means well, but please stop!!!

Yesterday I told my mom that there is a concern that my baby (babies, but she only knows of 1 so far) might have a problem with the umbilical cord (SUA). I also told her of the potential risks and horror stories I read online. She of course told me, don't worry your baby will be fine!! Then she proceeds to tell me that she will pray for my baby (sweet thought when it comes from believers I guess) and that I should pray too. Obviously she knows I don't believe in that nonsense and I told her she was preaching to the wrong person. She went on for several minutes about how it wouldn't hurt and if she would do anything possible to help her baby if it was her and "you can just say it to yourself, not even outloud" ugghhhh so frustrating.  Obviously she meant well, but how does saying happy thoughts to the air to an imaginary being indont believe in help my babies?!! So I said, you do your thing, I'll do mine, and left it at that. But it's so frustrating how some family still thinks they can "convert me" or that I will "see the light" 😖😑