Children's dolls and body images

Poll question: What do you think about these Tree Change Dolls? 
A woman removes the faces of store bought dolls and paints more realistic looks onto the dolls face. Her mother knits clothes for the dolls as well. The idea behind this was why should a little girl or boy's doll look like she's or he is going out to the bar? She makes these dolls look like real children, all natural. No false lashes, no eyeshadow, no perfect pencil eyebrows, no big lips, no facial hair, etc. I personally love these dolls. I don't know that I 100% think children will be/have been affected by dolls that are store bought. However, I like the idea of the dolls looking the way children actually look. When I was younger I played with Polly pockets, then barbies, then brat dolls. I always wanted the prettiest ones. 
A few years ago I struggled with bulimia, this lasted a little over two years and last year I relapsed for a few months. When it first started, I thought I was fat at 5'4" weighing at 135lbs wearing a size 5 in pants and XS and S shirts. I truly believed I was overweight I didn't see what others saw when I looked in the mirror. Now that I am an inch taller and 40lbs overweight, looking back at old photos I can't believe my eyes. I looked sickly skinny. What boggles my mind is, like I said, I truly believed I was fat. 
Now I don't know that this had anything to do with playing with dolls at such a young impressionable age, but I was struggling with body image.
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