My Journey :)

Katie • 27 years old. Me and my husband have a 4 year old and TTC #2!!

I am Katie. I am 22 years old and I work in infectious disease at one of the local hospitals here in Indianapolis! I met my fiancé in August 2014, it was an instant connection and we knew right then we would be together. He brings out a side of me no one did, not even the guy I was with for 5.5 years. We decided that we would not try to prevent pregnancy and let it fall as it would. We got engaged in December 2014. Found out we were pregnant February 2015. And got our own place March 2015. We are due October 29 , 2015 with our peanut! And Glow is the reason! I used it more for period tracking but set it for ttc just so I knew for sure when I ovulated in case we did end up pregnant! :)

Yes I know all of this happened fast and believe me I hear my fair share of how it might ruin my life, might not work, and how stupid I am. But it's my life and my fiancé is such a sweetheart and I know he loves me. Like now, I am 10 weeks pregnant and down with a torn ligament in my ankle. And he does everything even helps me into the bathroom.