Just need to get this off my chest,needed support and prayers :(

Tomorow is my due date and still no sign of baby wanting to come out eventhough i lost my mucus plug at 39w with only 1cm dilated.I've tried every possible ways to help induce labor such as eating/juicing fresh pineapple,bouncing on birth ball,dancing my butt off,raspberry leaf tea,sex,evening primrose oil,nipple stimulation,lot and lot of walking but still no result.Ob said if by tuesday the baby isnt out yet then we're going for induction at hospital.Im a FTM and i do not want to get induce at hospital because ive heard LOTS OF HORRBILE stories about induction at hospital about its hurt even more than naturally delivery,some cant take the pain and got epidural and all that side effects like major back pain later on in the future.Sometimes the induction doesnt work and you will end up getting csection.Idk what else to do to speed up my labor before they induce me at hospital.Any advices,tips,prayers would be greatly appreciate 😭😭