My story (and possible start of a line)

I have had 5 losses . The 1,3,4 were Chemical and I didn't even get to make it to the doctor for bloodwork before I lost them. The 2nd was at 8 weeks and was the only one I got to see the heart beat on an us. She wouldn't do testing on the remains or anything. She just said "it happens" and put me on my way. The 5th pregnancy was a wierd one and I had a pos at 6dpo. Called a new doc asap, Bc the 2nd doc I had said I'm just fine after 4 losses and I'm just fine(no testing done and refused to test) but my 3rd doc said that I most likely had twins with 5th Bc I had a positive at 6 dpo. I used opk so I know when I ovulated. At 5 weeks I had bleeding like af bleeding and he said I probably had a vanishing twin, but also its normal to bleed. I went in at 8 weeks for my exam to have my cirvex checked and I was bleeding again but it was closed. He ordered an us just to be safe and there was no baby/s to be found. Confused and saddened me and my so went home. A silent 45 minute drive home. I'm hoping this is the start of something but I know it's common for the eg to implant at 6/10 dpo. But as soon as I get a positive hpt he wants me in the office asap to watch my levels rise from the start instead of falling. He said the probable cause was the group c meds I was on that there was no study on, but he's had many people have losses on them and have a healthy pregnancy when off. Idk bout you but that's enough proof for me. But my reg doc didn't tell my that the meds im on are amfetomines and highly addictive, and the other was Prozac for my stress, anxiety and slight depression. Technically it's crack. And he wants me off of it asap or as I took it I shouldn't have been on it in the first place. I turned 18 in dec, and was forced by my parents to be on it untill I said no.and there crazy control freaks. But I went to my regular doc and went the hell off cause he said it was 100% safe during pregnancy and showed him plenty of research for the medicines causing chemical, early and late pregnancy loss. So for the last 6 years I've been technically a darn crack head! Only in indiana you can give your patients darn crack. You don't know how mad I am. And my parents had all md mayo and everything else about my meds blocked. And yes I have a strong case and go to court in a couple months. And these three docs are most likely going to lose their License. But only in indiana can people get away with stealing a fetus from a mothers womb and get off scot free( look it up it was a lady answering a criegs list add). But I'm off the Prozac, and have done just fine, actually I feel a million times better. He told me to keep taking my amfedomines and I told him no that I flushed them as soon as I found out it was crack.