Underage party

Elizabeth • Mommy of one beautiful girl, and twin boys (:
What would you do if you came home 2 in the morning, and your landlords granddaughter was throwing a party in your house? Now, things were destroyed, pets were indoors, and are now officially traumatized. Kids at the party called you a liar about living in the home. Well, this just happened to my mom last night. She's been staying with a friend due to being ill, and she went last night, at 2 in the morning to go pick up the cats, to cars in her driveway. She walks up to the house and hears glass smashing. These kids were destroying everything. My mom struggled to get everything she owns, and now, it's been destroyed. The cats were missing for half an hour. And once found, the one took 3 minutes to come out, and the other one hid. He finally did come out but since then, he has been terrified. My mom decided to not press charges and told the grand parents, and parents they need to be the ones to take care of the situation. If I was my mother, I would be beating some kids. She did threaten the kids who called her a liar. I just never thought this kind of thing was real. Never. So what would you all do? Would you press charges? Let the parents handle it(they were extremely pissed off, they were visibly shaking from anger), or, hate to say but I do know people who would do this, do nothing about it. What would you do?