Menstrual cup ( help! )

Jerelly • A 24 years old newly wed wife.
I recently just bought a Meluna M size menstrual cup (ring handle) saw most of the people said its easy to insert, its easy to be able to reach up and make it pop open. But for me, its so painful!! I aware that im dry, maybe because im nervous. Once its inside, i cannot seems to let my finger go through it to make it pop open. I kept stumble accross a muscle like keep blocking my way. What should i do? And i dont know what it is suppose to feel when it pops. It is feel like air suctions or really pop like rubber hit on Vag wall feels? I felt air suctions btw. And when i reach for the ring, i think its slightly point to my left side, not middle. Its that normal? Am i insert it wrong? And i think i still be able to feel the ring handle near my opening. Or should i push it further inside? Kindly reply. Appreciate ur help sister! :)