(Not too) late, no BFP

I'm 3 days past my normal cycle end, although it varies, so this is only 1 day past my longest. I'd been refusing to do an OPT until after being late, and it was a BFN this morning. Although my BBT is still high for me, so who knows.  Had a bright red super-small spot 12 DPO (4 days ago), and if I spot, it's usually 2 days before.
Honestly just trying not to get my hopes up. Since its been a year of actively trying, we have an appointment with a fertility specialist tomorrow. All I've learned from signing up is that if you've been having unprotected sex at all, that counts as trying. Which means we've actually been trying for ~3 years. Not the "active, using Glow, tracking my cycle" timeline that I thought I'd be judged against. 
So here's your lesson: if it's been more than a year without contraceptives, think about seeing a fertility specialist. I wish I'd known that 2 years ago. 
Although it would be ironic if I was pregnant right when we're scheduled to go. That would be my life to a "T".