Racism is Still Alive

There are still children being born and raised with these values. The only people who don't want to believe it are the people who aren't experiencing the hatred of racism for themselves. 

Anonymous because I know how ya'll can be. 
I'm not posting for "drama", I just want to ask you guys: what do you think it is that makes some people feel they are better than others, deserve more, or should be treated a certain way because of the color of their skin? How many of you think most black people are "ghetto", and are treated in such ways that reflect their attitude or behavior? As a black female, what experiences have you had that have made you realize that we have yet to become equals in this country? As a white female, what may or may not be leading you to think that racism is or isn't alive? 
Share your experiences and opinions. 
Disclaimer: this ISNT about other races right now. This is about the black and white racial divide in America. I want to hear what you think, see what you feel.