No one in my corner (Rant)

Geriuana • Mother of #1 prince ( Demari )💙 & #1 princess (Gianni) 💗| Madly in love with my best friend 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
So me and my boyfriend had a talk today about furthering and still ttc for #1. And other things came up in the mist of the conversation and the big thing that got me was I feel like I lost my best friend and I don't have anyone in my corner. I mean of course I have God, Jesus and my boyfriend but it's different. When you have a best friend and you want to share special moments with them in my life. But I have come to realization that some people just grow apart. I feel like my journey in life is totally different from hers & that's ok. It hurts because I considered her my sister but that's Life! Who knows what instored for me in my future regarding friendships. I'm looking at it as a stepping stone.