Question about asking my partner

So... Waiting on af supposed to be here in three days. If I'm not pregnant this month im going to freak! Iv been getting really worried, this month is month 8 of trying. I'm getting really worried because we are almost to the one year mark.. If I'm not pregnant in the next four months I want to ask my fiancé to get a sperm analyis, weather it be at the doctors or the one at Walgreens some other women was telling me about... But I know It's going to upset him, he's already worried it's him. I know 8 months isn't that long but I'm just worried becusse my mom has 7 kids all together, never ever had trouble getting pregnant, my oldest sister tried for THREE months, at 20 years old and got pregnant then my second oldest sister 19 years old got pregnant on ACCIDENT.. I quit using birth control in May, and have been unprotected sex since then and nothing. I don't understand. I'm 19, he's 22, both in shape, eat healthy. We have a house, 2 cars, both have jobs that pay for what we need and what we want, I just don't get it! Iv tried ovulation test, Iv tried having sex every single day for a month... He's been loving me since I was 15 years old and all we want is to start a family... He has one older brother that got his girlfriend pregnant by accident ! I'm just so scared that something's wrong wether it be him or I. We're getting married in June and This is all we want....I just I don't want to hurt his feelings if I ask him to get one done? How should I go about it? How will he react? Any advice would be so great.