When did u get ur positive ?

Natarsha • Been trying for baby #1 since June 2014 .. I have a blocked right side. IVF started April 2016
Any of u pregnant ladies have this issue: I'm 9 days late neg pee test and neg blood test . Could it be too early , I have no sign of AF . .. Been dizzy on and off for 2 and half weeks . Motion like sickness on and off all day for past 2 weeks .. sometimes my cervix is high and can't find the opening . Then sometimes it's really low ... When I was suppose to ovulate (done ovulation test) I done the deed for half a week before the positive result of ovulation and a week and half after ....  How long did it take to get ur positive result ? .. (When I get AF I have really bad cramps leading upto and the day it arrives and sore back)) ATM I only have sickness sore back and dizzy .. Looking forward to ur responses