(Plz read) Why are people so harsh to women who...

Give up they're kids for adoption?

My co worker hasn't been at work for over a month because of this.

She had two kids ages 4 and 6, who she gave up for adoption. Her kids father and he's new wife adopted them. She did it for the happiness of her kids not hers.

I'm so worried for her. We live in a small town and everyone is so mean to her. She won't even come out. Idk what to do to help her....I know she's probably depressed, she's expecting another baby and she was so happy to expand her life with her fiancé, baby on the way and her 2 little ones, but since that happened obviously her plans changed.

I want to help her but idk how. I just don't want her to end up doing self harm. I talked to he's fiancé but he doesn't know what to do either.