I'm officially two days late! :)

MeLissa β€’ Army wife 12/13/14. Not trying, not preventing. Waiting until after college to continue trying for our first!! Just living life to the fullest! πŸ˜πŸ‘—πŸŒ‡

Mind you, I have a VERY regular period (if anything its a few days early) My husband and I decided that we weren't going to try this month and just take a break because it was getting pretty stressful. With that being said, I didn't think about how BAD I wanted to be pregnant (but that didn't stop me from looking at baby stuff and SOME hopeful thinking) but I have noticed some things that are way off.

My period is usually horrid! I'm hunched over from cramps three days before it even starts.. These are all my syptoms and how many days before my period they started!

β€’ Pinches and pulls in my right hip and no pain. (1 1/2 weeks ago)

β€’ Swollen boobs w/ tingly nips (1 1/2 weeks ago)

β€’ Milky CM (1 week ago)

β€’ Nausea (5 days ago)

β€’ Fatigue (5 days ago)

β€’ Temp Rise (4 days ago)

β€’ Bloat (3 days ago)

β€’ Mood Swings (3 days ago)

β€’ Frequent Peeing (3 days ago)

β€’ Head burn (2 days ago)

β€’ Headaches (1 day ago)

Does it sound like I test? Or could this all be in my head?