Possibly pregnant!!

So this past week I was feeling really under the weather I was very nauseous all the time and I have really bad diarrhea so I decided to go to the store and pick up a pregnancy test thinking you know maybe it's possible but chances are it that every time it'ss going to come out negative. To my surprise I have 3 very slightly positive pregnancy test each one just a little bit darker than the last so I started doing the math just to see that if I was how far along I would be and when my due date would be in all that thing is the other day I had just told myself that I don't think I'm ready for another child after babysitting for a friend of mine and the baby had a really hard night I told myself I wasn't ready for that again so for me to get 3 positive pregnancy test then following three days I'm kind of worried that I am pregnant but if I am I would only be about 4 weeks so it would still be just a little too early to tell my cycle is due in 3 days but I don't know if I can count on my cycle since I have very irregular cycles to begin with they have gotten a little better but they are still pretty irregular most of them were only off by a week or a few days so I don't know what to do because my husband just told me that he is not ready for another child either and he doesn't think he will ever want another child so I'm kind of lost on what to do and I need help