What the hell!

What the hell my partner has been refusing to have sex with me because we have sex to much!! What the shit are you kidding we have sex everyday but I do everything ? And he allways wants it he never complains and I if I  don't do it everyday he gets annoyed now he tells me I want it to much. 
Every single day he tells me to suck his dick seriously I hate doing that and he never used to have a problem with only getting it occasionally (it makes me really sick to the point where I vomit) but now his making it a big problem and that that's all he wants is his dick sucked. Makes me feel great . I give him so so much and he has the nerve to tell me no more sex untill I start giving him head before we have sex EVERYDAY was his words, which i do all the work anyway omg his so bloody annoying right now 
rant over