So angry...

Ashley • 29, married, mother to 7 year old boy and angel girl👼
It's been 4 days since my D&C and I just started to get through the day without crying and sobbing all day. My husband is away for work so I'm staying at my moms with my 5 year old. My grandmother came over today and without thinking started showing me pictures of my cousins baby who is a month old - that hurt so bad but I sat here and went through the polite motions. Then a good friend of mine keeps talking about her baby who is due in two weeks and showing off maternity pictures. The icing on the cake was tonight as I'm starting to feel a bit better about  everything my cousin and his wife announced that they're pregnant again and due in October. Two months after I was suppose to have my little girl. I'm going to crack. I'm so angry it hurts. I'm mad at God, I hate my family, and I just want to be alone but nobody will give me any fucking space! I want my daughter back. It's not fair, we were halfway there, we were so close😢
I'm sorry, I just had to get it out.