Pregnancy after Miscarriage/Stillbirth

My husband and I lost our son last May 16th at 16 weeks. It was an excruciating time for us and our families (they knew we were pregnant right away). We were always very open about the pregnancy and the loss. It helped us to cope without anger. I'd like to add that it was a freak of nature thing that started on Mother's Day. As much as I wonder sometimes, it was nothing we could've known ahead of time, and is preventable in the future. Anyway, we're currently trying to get pregnant, which is our little secret. However; I'm curious on thoughts as to if we are (my period is a day late, but idk if it's because I stopped my birth control), should we spread the news right away? I want to enjoy every single second of being pregnant again. On one hand, I want our families to be able to enjoy that time as well. On the other, I don't need other people bringing up the obviously at ifs that we already know. I'm HORRIBLE with secrets, so I'm just not sure. I'd have to have a precautionary surgery at 8-12 weeks to put some stitches in my cervix for strength, so I've thought about waiting until that is done to tell anyone. However; I'm not a fan of waiting until the first trimester is over, because I don't feel any safer. What happened to us normally happens at 20-24 weeks, so I don't think I'd wait that long either. I just don't know... At the end of the day of the time comes, I know I'll follow my gut, but right now I'm conflicted.