Failure as a woman

I'm just needing to vent and get some support. I'm going to be 30 in a few months and feel like I'm failing as a woman. What I mean by that is I'm un married and have no children. I've been with the same man since I've been 18. He has a kid from a previous relationship who is older now. In the first couple years of dating marriage and kids never really came up I was young and wasn't really thinking that far ahead. After about 4 years we started talking about kids and he always said when we get more financially stable and own a home we can try then, and I was ok with that. Now we are stable and now he says he absolutely does not want kids or marriage. He doesn't really give a reason other than not wanting to be tied down for kids and his reason for no marriage is to him it's just a piece if paper and the length of time we've been together should prove his commitment to me. I just feel with my 30th birthday coming up that I'm running out of time and it scares me and breaks my heart that I may never end up being a mother or a wife. I love my boyfriend greatly and cant imagine leaving someone I love to be able to "maybe" find someone else I love that wants children and marriage.  Vent over!  Thanks for listening/reading.