Bfs mom is crazy but I'm the bad guy

My boyfriends mother is crazy, she thinks she knows everything and will go above and beyond to prove that she does. Well my boyfriend and I got into an argument and he went and vented to her. Later when I went to work things it with him she was disrespectful towards me and made a lot of rude comments even when I tried to explain the situation. I was very upset that he didn't shut her up and tell her she is taking it too gar but I let it go. Well she has been blowing up our phones he didn't feel like talking to her, and I wasn't ready to because I still felt disrespected and didn't feel I needed to answer her calls.

I Was at work and missed multiple calls from her and one from an unknown number so I called the unknown number thinking it may have been a job offer I'm waiting for. But it was her at a friend house.

She started screaming and questioning why we weren't answering her calls while I'm at work! Mind you were both 21 and don't live with her. So finally I broke down and told her I didn't know why she was even calling me because I'm still upset with how she disrespected me and she started yelling saying I disrespected her blah blah blah. Then she says "You and Josh better stop fighting or someone is going to catch on and call children services and it doesn't have to be me." Our fights are not physical and they're because I'm a mess of hormones and one second I love him the next I want to punch him in the face. Lol So me being me I said "Okay since you want to threaten me with children services go ahead and call them and while they are checking out the situation I will make it known you smoke weed in front of your 3 year old granddaughter." Her reply to that was "Oh really Taylor, you're going to kick my ass huh? I'd like to see you kick my ass I'll be at your house after work." When I never said anything like that so I now how a protection order on her.

But I saw a message from her in my boyfriends phone saying "Would have been nice to see you on Easter but that won't be happening anytime soon your girlfriend made sure of that! I love you always mom." And I'm really annoyed by this. SHE threatened his pregnant girlfriend, she didn't call him after the order was placed, she didnt even try to tell him when dinner was. How is it my fault?? I'm so annoyed, and to top it off he just wants to ignore the message and let it go. Instead of pointing out that she messed up and its her fault not mine. I hate looking like the bad guy when all I did was protect our child. I never said he couldn't have contact with her.