Please dont talk bad about anything. Im tired of this crap. I get my mans not a romantic guy but seriously with his lack of caring lately. I had a crappy day at work. I do everything. He works as a trucker gone three to four days a week and before he leaves I pack him a homemade meal, clean and pack his cloth. I take care of the house, bills, for the most part shopping alone and all other stuff. I have a crappy day got horrible cramps dealt with stupid customers and my boss so all i wanted was a nice gester. I said i would love if i came home to some flowers or chocolate or something sweet. Instead of doing it or saying we will be out tomorrow i can get you something then or even saying im sorry love we can cuddle and watch tv when you get home. He laughed and said why would I do that..... Then said i shoulda got myself something on the way home. Im not asking for a lot. Just something nice.. If i was to do as my momma raised me I would go by something expensive and tell him next time he should do it. Oh and like normal i still brought him dinner.