Romantic weekend after weeks of fighting.

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My boyfriend of 3 years and I have been fighting every day for a month. And I'm trying to get things back on track.

He is seriously obsessed with his phone, he always has it in his hand. And I try to have a conversation with him, but he just assumes I'm being rude and snaps at me every time I try. And I'm nervous that this weekend I've planned won't help.

I've decided that this is the last straw. If he is still more interested in what/who ever he is looking at/talking to on his phone while were at the hotel, I'm calling it quits.

I told him when we get there, both of our phones are going on silent and in a drawer, and it'll just be us. He didn't seam like he wanted to even go after that... so I'm not sure I should even try.

I've also planned for a little role play and games to play. I'm very nervous and skeptical that this will save our relationship...

Any ideas or advice, insight and past experiences that are similar would be wonderful. Thank you