TTC again and praying for success!

I have a two year old son and I almost feel like I'm asking too much for another successful pregnancy.  I didn't go the the dr for a confirmation but I feel like I had another chemical pregnancy.  I have one more chance at pregnancy with this cycle before my husband leaves.  Then we won't get another chance for over a year.  We want 3 kids, but after my next pregnancy, my Dr wants me to get a hysterectomy to help with my issues.  So a pregnancy resulting in twins would be GREAT!!  Anyone else out there with endo TTC right now?!  Any tips to help heighten our chances?  I'm drinking fertilitea 3x's a day, we're going to use pre-seed, and I'm taking cassava root supplements.  Stay strong endo sisters!  Prayers for long healthy pregnancies for us all!