Feeling awful :(

Lizz • Married to the love of my life, baby #1 due 11/28/16. :)
I wish I knew what was going on with my body. My cycles have always been pretty regular, about 30 days. Until October when it just started getting gradually longer. The longest was 76 days, and then I started taking maca root. My last cycle was 43 days, so headed the right direction. I thought for sure this cycle was going to be back to normal! I've been temping since November, and this cycle started out looking so promising. I started using OPKs this month. I got positives all day on CD 18 and 19. But my temp has not confirmed it and I'm now on CD 21 with very negative ovulation tests. It looks like I'm in for another long cycle. I feel like my body hates me. I've been trying so hard to stay positive about it, but today it's just really getting me down and I feel like I've been on the verge of a meltdown all day. A couple of my coworkers are pregnant, both planned..and they take every opportunity to remind us all that they're pregnant (as if we could forget), and it just makes me sad. I want to be pregnant too. And I swear if one more person tells me I need to have a baby soon or asks when I'm going to have a baby, I'm going to lose it! Ugh I have no idea why I'm so irrationally emotional today. :(