Cheyenne • 💖 Teen Mommy 💖
So I had a doctor's appointment today and I let her know that I was having some weird pink discharge. She told me that my pee sample showed a low bactrum count and low iron so she put me on antibiotics and gave me iron pills. She also she said that she was worried bc I measure at 27 weeks and I'm 31 and the discharge and cramping on top of that worried her so she sent me to labor and delivery. Well all they did was monitor me for contractions. They didn't check my cervix to see if I was thinning or anything bc im having pink discharge and pieces of my plug are coming out. They just told me to get my prescription and go home bc the discharge is most likely from the uti -- I DON'T HAVE A UTI -- I have a low count of the good bacteria and I'm now anemic. Nobody said anything to them about any trace of a uti. They said they can't do am inspection after 30 weeks bc it can trigger contractions. Well isn't that what they do at the weekly check ups?-- check your cervix? Gosh I'm so mad that they paid no mind to me.