Bleeding at 4weeks 2days

Audenaye • Lost our Bumble Bee🐝 at 4wks R.i.p. 👼🏽Although we are currently trying for Baby #2 (Rainbow Baby) 🌈
Hey ladies!!! I really need your help!? 
I just found out that am pregnant and got my first BFP on the 30th of April, last month. I was so shocked I decided to take 1 more test to be sure. Still BFP!!! Am so happy but am so confused now because I started bleed yesterday. Heavy bleeding, no cramps but super weird. This is my first pregnancy so Pleasssee help me out! Am desperate and anxious. I took a test today while still bleeding and still BFP!? Has this happen to anyone else at the bargaining of your pregnancy and is it normal. She I be worried???