Trip to the ER last night

Sarah • Wife. Momma to a 2 year old. Praying for our rainbow baby.
7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, just a week away from our ultrasound, I noticed blood on our bed after my husband and I had intercourse. More than spotting but no clots. Panicked, we drove to the ER praying. After waiting to see the doctor for 3 hours (of straight fear) they sent us for an ultrasound. Our first ultrasound ever. Luckily, they found the baby and the heart beat! Everything was perfect! I cried my eyes out! Such a scary moment. I truly feel this was Gods way of showing me that I can't live in fear anymore. Below is a picture of our miracle baby. They measured me at 6 weeks and 3 days (a whole week off) but that's ok, because we still got to see the heart beat.