im on the pill and i've taken it /almost/ perfectly... i took it late a couple of hours late a few times. my SO and i have had otherwise unprotected sex a few times the past month. my concern is that i've been having A LOT of creamy cm. and by alot, i mean if i wipe it away, loads more would appear within seconds. im having to wear pads/pantyliners every day to stop the wetness. i've also been having cramps, nausea, back and leg pains, my appetite has been on and off and i've had insomnia but those are pretty normal for me.

PLEASE DONT just tell me to test, i cant get any at the moment. soonest i can would be monday. im not asking if im pregnant, i KNOW testing/doc is the only way to be for sure.

my question is... what are the CHANCES that im pregnant? or what else can cause this much cm? has anyone else had this?

please... i dont want to say anything to my SO as he isnt sure about having kids yet (as in right now), but i could really use some help/advice. i dont know if im just overthinking because i want a baby so much