Not feeling it.

I've seen a lot of you on here asking questions and seeming to be very concerned that you're not having symptoms or you simply don't feel pregnant. I'm here to be honest and say it's normal, and you might not feel pregnant for a long time. Everyone believes that when they become pregnant they'll instantly start vomiting and just feel...well, pregnant. But that's not always the case. More people than you'd know go through pregnancy without a single symptom. And if you're unlucky and get the giant list of symptoms that suck, fear not because for most they tend to go away as you get closer to your second trimester. Don't think your baby is gone suddenly because you suddenly lose symptoms or never had any to begin with. Everything is likely fine and you're stressing for no reason! 
I just wanted to post this to help some mamas out. Stressing is very bad for the baby and yourself. Good luck and congrats to all you wonderful mamas out there!