Heartbroken and upset

Almost two weeks ago Mariah's egg donor (my god-daughters mom/ my cousin) had her baby early at 7 months. Unfortunately the baby was no longer alive due to her continuing to use drugs. This is sad and I wouldn't wish that kind of pain/tragedy on anyone, but I did say I do not feel one ounce of sympathy for her because she got lucky that the first 2 lived after what she put them through in the womb (first born was a boy who is now 7.5 second was a little girl who is 3. Both have been adopted by my grandparents) I just feel bad about the situation because the baby didn't deserve this. I was told I was cold hearted and that I shouldn't say that. But then today I find out that she did exactly what I knew she would, but prayed she wouldn't. After giving birth she was discharged and never returned to the hospital to name her daughter, or set up any kind of burial. She's acting like nothing happened and doesn't even care. Since the hospital can't get ahold of her or the baby's father that baby has been sitting at the hospital for almost 2 weeks now. No baby deserves this, and it breaks my heart that someone could do this. 
As someone who is trying so hard to have a baby it infuriates me that she has now gotten pregnant at least 3 times and didn't want the babies. I have been a mother to her children and her daughter looks like she could be mine and it breaks my heart to think that one day they are going to ask about their birth mother and I'll have to tell them.