Has anyone had to chose if your baby lived?


We had to chose if our baby lived or died. It wasn't Much of a choice. Keeping her alive would of been amazingly cruel and selfish. Best case scenario she wouldn't of been able to move and would of had moderate intelligence and been in pain. But that was unlikely.. more likely was for her to be way way worse. Sever cerable palsy. Possibly intelligent (the part of the brain that controlled that was starting to be damaged) unable to move or communicate and with epilepsy and extreme pain. Or just a complete vegetable. She may even not have lived much longer. But we had to chose and we chose to let her go. She died in my arms about 2 days after being taken off treatment. She was strong. We know that we did the right thing. But I'm not coping with it know. I chose to let her die. I chose to kill her. No matter how right that was I still Could of been holding her now.

My uncle died yesterday and I've just lost it. I was mostly ok before that but now.. she would of been almost 4 months old now.

How are you supposed to deal with choosing to let your child die?

Please no mean comments.