Depressed MomToBe

So my fiancée is almost 32 weeks along, (she will be on Tuesday) & she seems to be upset/sad more often than before. I'm aware of her "depressed" feelings. We have talked and she has mentioned her feeling depressed is due to being stuck at home all day every day, and complications with my family members. Nothing drastic with them, just things like, she misses her family (she was kicked out) & is homesick. She also gets depressed knowing we will have to be here for quite some time. At least 2 years due to financial reasons.. & it's upsetting her because she wants time and space for us to be our own family and not have to rely on my family like we have to now (I feel the same but she is obviously more emotionally vulnerable right now). She says she understands that they are happy to help us & that this won't be forever but 2 years min. is still a long time to wait. And it could be longer. She cries a lot more and tells me she's unhappy and desperately wishes she could feel better.. Then she feels awful for getting upset because she's scared her crying stressed out the baby. Usually when she feels that way she'll go lie down and relax so she won't get stressed herself.. Her continued depressed mood is worrying me. I don't know how to help her and make her feel better and it kills me. If anyone has any suggestions please comment.. I'm looking for anything that might help her feel better..