Can I get a hug?

I am moving outside of my hometown, for the first time, on the 10th of this month. I have been worried about it, but no freak outs till yesterday. I have never lived more then twenty minutes away from my parents for more then a month, but now my boyfriend and I are moving in together, and it is more than two hours away. I have severe anxiety and bipolar disorder and am not proud of either one. The last two days have been hell for me. My period has my entire world upside down and I cannot seem to get a grip.  I am scared that I am taking my mom away for Mother's Day because she is helping me. I am scared that my friends will not be able to be with their moms that day because they insist on helping me. I went shopping on my period and hungry, so I bought pie and ate a quarter of it by myself, and I am scared that my boyfriend will get sick of me. Or he will think I'm fat.