Genetic Screening - Galactosemia - any experience?

Melissa • I`m a newlywed who just got married August 23, 2014. My hubby and I have officially been together for 4 years and are trying for our rainbow baby. We lost our first at 8 weeks in December. <3

I had genetic DNA testing done and it came back I'm a carrier for galactosemia. It's basically a disease that affects infants who consume milk products. It's not to be confused with a lactose intollerance. Galactosemia causes mental retardation, developmental issues, etc. My husband hasn't been tested yet and I know he has to be a carrier for there to be a 25% chance our babies have this.

I've had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months. I can't find any research on the subject and I'm waiting for my Dr to call me back but I'm wondering if me consuming dairy products while pregnant could have an affect on a fetus that happens to be in that 25%. All I did my first pregnancy was drink milk and hot chocolate and other dairy products which could maybe could have led to the miscarriage.

Anyone out there any any experience?