Why can't I get pregnant arghh?!?

Vicky • Due 19/01/2016
Currently my 5th cycle of TTC
7th cycle off the mini pill
Me and my partner are 18 in a few months and live together
We both smoke although I am quitting
I have had a previous miscarriage, I conceived on the implant (at 16) and miscarried before I had it removed
We have regular every other day sex or every few days then every day around my fertile window
I know I wouldn't concieve first cycle but there's nothing more upsetting than thinking we're both young and fertile, why can't we concieve!? I have regular periods (every 32 days on the dot) but I have noticed in my fertile window I don't get ewcm, only watery. So frustrating :( 
Do you think I'm in with a chance this month. Approx 6dpo, feeling tired and a little crampy. My cervix is high, medium/open and firm. So high I can barely reach it!! Going to try OPKs next month although we have very regular sex :( 
What do you guys think? I'm due in 8 days, also had sex last night!
Sorry for the rant😭
Praying for a little miracle 🙏🙏💖