What to do 😒

Ok girls so my story is kind of complicated I have been with the father of my two children since high school and we have two beautiful boys but the problem here is that I'm pregnant by another guys baby we had broken up for two months things when really bad between me and him he got with another girl and I got with another guy the problem here is that I ended up pregnant by the guy which from the beginning told me he didn't want the baby but I'm a scary cat and didn't want to have a abortion so I went on decided to keep the baby which I'm having princess and I couldn't be any happier but I got back with the father of my kids and he told me let work things and and we ended up getting married he knows the baby. Isn't his but I'm scared what if once she's born and sees the baby he ended up hating me please help I'm 33 weeks and scared he tells everyone the baby is his and everyone thinks the baby is his in which reality it's not