Nightmare neighbours..

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This may be long, I apologise in advance haha! I posted a post a while back about our neighbours being from hell! Since then we did speak to the estate agent & unfortunately could not back out of our agreement without paying the rest of our tenancy agreement upfront which is another 5 months! As our agreement is 6 months (which we will be handing in our notice and looking for somewhere new after) - this is a massive pain as we wanted to be settled in a new home by the time our little one was here, July 22, and now that isn't possible. If any of you seen the previous post you'll understand why we do not want to stay here when our baby is here but finically we can not do anything till September/October 😩 ..anyway! We have started logging all of the times our neighbours are loud, violent, etc. As the landlord advised if we did this & it was of regular occurrence then he would be able to consider us leaving early. Since the post there has been no more violence just noise. However, ive just got out of bed (11pm UK) to go to the toilet and the whole of our flat smells of marihuana (not sure if that spelling is correct) - it's really really strong and smells disgusting! Being pregannt this isn't pleasent. It made me gag walking to the toilet, luckily for me I have had no sickness since the beginning but this is enough to make me hurl. They must be smoking a lot of it for our whole flat to smell of it!! Here in the UK marihuana is illegal & it states in our rental agreement that the use of the property being to do illegal things will sease in the imidiate termination of a contract! - now as you may know from my previous post I am absolutely terrified of my neighbours & am worried if I was to 'grass' on them that they would know and make our living situation uncomfortable! - But I see this whole weed smoking malarkey as a good enough reason for me to tell the landlord tomorrow and let him deal with this! I'm not a horrible person and I would feel terrible if they got kicked out but I don't see why me Andy partner should suffer when they're the ones in the wrong! I just want some advice on what to do here's I know this is long and I apologise but this is the first place ive lived with no family & I don't want to put up with this if I don't have to. Thank you xx