How much did your normal/routine delivery cost?

Ellie • My first baby due Thanskgiving ❤️
This is my first and I have no idea what to expect with costs. It seems like everyone charges whatever so you get big ranges. 
The birth center I had my heart set on and had my first 2 prenatal appts with gave me a sheet of their rate today. It was a pre-insurance total of $12,000! They also bill me at my health insurance's family deductible of $4500, even though I have an individual plan at a $1500 deductible. In fact about 75% of the services they'll be doing are for me and 25% will be when the baby's born. Doesn't that see shady to charge all of my stuff at a family deductible? What if my fiancé put our baby on his plan? 
That means after insurance, I'm expected to pay $8K out of pocket! I thought birth centers were supposed to be cheaper than hospitals. 
Anyway I'm pretty upset because there's just no way I can afford to pay that. I need to call around and find out what other hospitals and centers charge. 
For anyone with a normal birth with no interventions, what did you end up paying out of pocket?