Aggressive dog

I'm jumping ahead of myself here, but I have a dog that I love more than anything else in the world. The only problem is that he is somewhat aggressive. He has never bitten anyone but he lunges and barks uncontrollably. He's little, 13 lbs. I've tried group classes and private trainers (I work with animals and my knowledge of them is top notch), and nothing works permintently, no matter how much I work with him. He's also on Prozac for anxiety. 
My boyfriend and i are TTC, and my dog hates children. The few times he's been around them it's like he sees red. I am so scared to bring him around a baby, it's been on my mind and stressing me out because I know that if I bring a child home and he goes after it, I will have to make a dreaded decision. 
For those who own dogs, what would you do? I can't bare the thought of a life without my little guy.