Dreams of cheating!?

I have an amazing husband, he is stationed in NC at the moment and I'm stuck in Florida because of an ongoing custody issue, even though I haven't heard from her dad in months. Anyways, I HATE my ex, mainly because he's a horrible father and was a shitty bf who was always drunk (still is) and neglected us. My husband is sooo amazing and I love him more than anything and I would never actually cheat on him but lately I have had a few dreams that I did cheat on him and with my ex, which is obviously hard for me to understand because I hate him so much but mediation is coming up so I have been stressing out about him a lot lately and what's gonna happen. Has anybody ever had this happen or knows why? It's starting to make me pretty upset and I just can figure it out! 😫👩🏼🔫