I feel like a terrible person😪

So yesterday a friend of mine who knows what I just went through and who also got pregnant around the same time as me text me the results of her harmony test . The text read you are the first friend to know , well the results were negative for any tubal defects and she is having a girl. Now I am very happy and excited for her but at the same time I lost my baby two weeks ago and the wound is still very fresh I was making good progress I finally stopped crying when I saw preg women and baby clothes and I returned to work and everything was beginning to look a little better but that text hit me like a ton of bricks and evrything just came crashing back down im not mad at her and DONT fault her for anything it's just hard to be overjoyed and wanna be around her when it seems everything I wanted is happing to her I wanted a girl so bad and this is around the time I would've been finding out what I was having . Now the worst part is I tried to talk to my bf about how I felt and he just made me feel like I was a selfish terrible friend and that I should be happy for her and basically he's not over it and doesn't want to talk about it and I really shouldn't have brought it up. Am I wrong in how I feel ? Has anyone else had to deal with this? Sorry so long.