Gestational Diabetes?! 😨 HELP!

So I went to my 2 week appointment yesterday and they said there was some sugar found in my urine. I had me glucose testing a few weeks ago and it came back normal. Well now I'm freaking out and worried that I'm starting to develope GD im afraid of eating anything, and I worry about everything that I'm eating wondering how much sugar is in it and everything. I just need someone to help ease my mind that maybe has GD or has had it and had healthy babies. I'm just so worried about my little guy! I'm worried about loosing him or something. I know that's worst case scenario, but it's scary for me. Please moms give me some info! I'm not 100% sure I even have it yet my midwife just said they would check me again in two weeks and if it shows up again they will do another glucose test and go from there. I'm just worrying. :(