I had to block my #

This guy aaron and i hooked up about 4 years ago. He was awesome and i got some gnarly feelings. But to him i was just a booty call. Lately hes been trying to "hangout", and i tell him no. I am getting married to the love of my life and i am pregnant. This really bugs me because he knows that im happily in love and pregnant. I blocked him from facebook, and i blocked his number. I find it so rude and dog like. Does he think hes like some super macho sexy beast or something? Or that im just an easy whore? Then there is Charlie..... I kept him as a friend because i would tell him not to flirt with me cause it made me uncomfortable. Well he would start texting me hey cutie, and facebook and instagram stalk me horribly. Honestly is it hard to keep their weiners in their pants or what? Or do i give off a whorish vibe? Ive known them both longer than my fiance. Him and i have been together for almost 3 years. Why do they do this? I felt bad blocking them. But nobody comes between me and my man. I truly found THE one.