Bleh! Feeling hurt:(

Rebecca • I have 2 wonderful boys :) that I love:)
So I asked my fiancé what he thinks would be good boobs. We were watching this porn awards for fun with my aunt lol strange stuff on there and they had a award for best boobs. So I asked him what would he thinks is good boobs and he would stay stuff like they have to be perky no stretch marks nipples and areoles just right! Ok well after breastfeeding my son things aren't the same at the boob express! Mines aren't perky they have sagged rather a lot since I lost weight I have a butt load of stretch marks it looks like different skin levels on them:( breastfeeding changes the breast but I didn't expect him to name everything that mines aren't so that makes me feel that he doesn't like mine and he just has to put up with them. I am also pregnant with our second child and I will breastfeed so they will probably change a little bit after I stop then too. Makes me wonder what will happen:( it just hurts my feelings that he basically described mine as bad 😩😢 is this me just thinking things or could he actually be thinking that and not telling me:( 😔