Food while pregnant rant

Danielle • Mama to an 8 year old and one on the way!
So...I am 29 pregnant with my second child and a heart patient. When I'm not pregnant I'm very restricted to what I can eat, and have to keep saturated fats down to 14grams a day and take cholesterol medicine. I do amazing, so when I got pregnant my doctor said I can take a break (and that it's pretty unrealistic even when I'm not pregnant, but she said enjoy, no restrictions) so I am. I have 3 moms. My mom, my stepmom and mil. My stepmom has had something to say about anything I post on fb that is not exactly "healthy," and she does it regularly. Recently, my mil had something to say about a tri tip sandwich I was eating. Tonight, I posted a photo of my dinner. Bacon wrapped chicken, and asparagus, with rice. Nothing too bad and under my restriction limit, if I was being restricted. And again my step mom was very negative and rude about it. It hurts my feelings, I'm 29 years old and a big girl, who is pregnant and can monitor her own meals. I'm normally small 120lbs when not pregnant and my stepsister is about 250lbs, and has always been overweight, but my step mom REFUSES to talk to her about her weight because it hurts her feelings. I'm just sad that I don't get that respect. I always do what I need to and she has no problem being mean to me but says nothing to my sister (38 years old) and refuses to. How do I approach this? I'm tired of being treated like this especially when I'm almost 30 and pregnant.